Is the daughter of Bella (Branmere Ultraviolet) and Duncan (Oartumn Son)

Ebony is so very loving always lookig for some attention and it looks like she has lots of that at the moment, 8 little feeders are keeping her very busy and she is just loving being a mum.She even likes our cat, we have even seen them lying together every now and then.She's very mischievous always upto no good trying to sneak out of the garden gate.

She loves kids when they give her lots of attention & always rolls over for a belly rub.

She's not that botherd about playing ball she would sooner be off investigating and problem solving!

Miss Ebony Rose

Noah  (Whose ya Daddy)


Noah as a puppy did really well as a rising star when we showed him for a few months but sadly I just didn't have the time to keep showing him.

He has a great personality plays all the time loves his ball and pulling coconuts to pieces on the beach.

If any of his kids have the same personality as him what a wonderfull dog it will be.